…It relieves the stress on my mind. I like to breathe the good in and the bad out. I like to sit on the swings and think about my goals and what I want to accomplish in my life. I like to see the kids smile, running and having fun at the park. Sometimes I like to just zone out and block the world out and to think about positive things in life. The park is my own little island when I want to get away from criticism and negativity.

A lot of loudness and traffic used to go on where I lived. Every day, there was commotion and problems going on in my life, so I decided that the best solution for me was to face the music without running from it.

Before moving back to Stamford I used to live in Miami where it was awesome, but always in life there are peaks and valleys that you have to face. At first, I used to listen to music and stay in my room. Then, when I moved back to Stamford, I found that listening to music while just staring in the ceiling, trying to block everything out, is boring. I needed new scenery.

When I found the park, everything changed. It was very peaceful there; a whole different environment that I could go to whenever I felt like things were getting tough, or when I just felt like I needed to be alone. There, I hear the birds singing, the kids playing on the playground, the blue sky looking like art. After that, everything changed. Ever since I started going, my mind became clear and I can begin to think of how to solve my problems and who I should I become.

The park is like my own little playground. I like the park because I get to play basketball and all type of sports and let my mind roam free.

What I’ve figured out about myself while there… that I sometimes need to be alone to accomplish things. But I also found that I really don’t need to be alone either. I found out that your life can change when you put your mind to it and stay focused. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m actually ambitious, even energetic.

Here are my goals: to graduate high school and get my diploma. After I graduate, I would like to go to Job Corps in Miami to get my trade certification in cooking, becoming an electrician, or becoming a plumber.

Why these three? Though I don’t know how to cook (yet), my connection with culinary arts started with my father, who always cooks. Also, my cousin is a personal chef and I instantly fell in love with her cooking. And I used to watch the cooking show all the time.

The electrician idea came from when my mother used have problems with her wiring and always had to pay large amount of money to get it fixed. Why not do that? I thought.

As for plumber? When our sink used to get clogged, up or a pipe burst at my house, I noticed plumbing is a job where you get paid just for showing up, even if you don’t fix the problem.

I mean that is pretty cool.

Whatever I end up doing, I will always know that, when I need to clear my mind, the park is where I wanna be.

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