At the moment, I have ten pairs of sneakers….Gamma 11s…Concord 11s…Powder blue 10s…Grape 6s…Aqua 5s…Christmas KD 6s…Spiderman foams…Fire red 5s…DC KD 6s…Toro 4s…

But there’s one pair I think of as the bad luck sneakers….My white Air Jordan 3 infrared’s.

These are my bad luck sneakers because I fell off my cousin’s dirt bike with them. Then I hurt my ankle wearing them playing basketball.

I love riding dirt-bikes because I love the rush.

I sat on one a long time ago and never forgot.

The bike I want now is a Honda CRF250R is a dual-sport motorcycle. That means you can ride it on the road or in the dirt. It’s red and white. Huge with brand new FMF double pipes. I’ve always wanted one because it’s like a horse and it sounds beautiful.

It’s just a sound that catches you ear. It sounds like a monster.

I’ve seen people wheelie these type of bikes before.

When you ride a dirt bike, sometimes you can get hurt because you don’t know what can happen; you can easily make a mistake. Especially if you’re wearing your “bad luck” sneakers. Still, when I fell, I always got right back up and tried again.

I also learned that owning a cool bike is risky in another way. The last time I owned a cool bike, someone in my neighborhood caught sight of it. The next time I went out to my yard to ride, it had vanished. That’s why owning a CRF250R has a special meaning.

When I was younger, I had other goals. I remember when I was in middle school, I used to play football. There was nothing better; it was my life. Football helped me make friends because I did not know a lot of people until I started playing. I always wished that I could be the captain of the team, but it’s a lot of hard work you have to put in. I was never the best player, but I played with heart; I played with my mind, wanting to be the best player. I always dreamed about going to the NFL. I like playing basketball a little less – especially in my bad luck sneakers).

Now, playing PlayStation basketball gets me close enough… Let me tell you about my favorite game. When you first start out, the screen shows Lebron James talking. Then you press, ‘start’ and you can choose your team or you can be ‘my player.’ I always play ‘my player’ because you get to create yourself and play on a good team. That way, you can break records and all of that. You can function as the coach. To be a good coach, you need to be demanding in a way that will make the players want to work harder. My best coach was one of those coaches nobody liked because he was too strict. He would make us run laps and do Indian runs until we threw up. But he also did his homework on the other team and how to make great plays.

Talking about homework makes me think of school, which starts me thinking about my future. I’ve discovered that one thing I’m really good at is always showing up. At school, I usually have perfect attendance. That’s going to be a big advantage as I prepare to attend NCC this fall. In the meantime, maybe I could learn to fix and tune-up dirt bikes like the Honda CRF250R. There’s a place in town, Stamford Motor Sports, that sells them and repairs them. As soon as I get my resume together, I’m going to check them out, maybe even intern. To be on the safe side, I think I’ll wear one of my other nine pairs of shoes.

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