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I’m a music producer and engineer/DJ. I also write my own songs. I’m very good. I am also a photographer and clothing designer. All these “hobbies” help me create a state of inner sanctuary.

I got my first laptop when I was 9 and from the beginning I was very hands-on in our relationship. I was soon able to take any computer or phone apart from inside to the outside.

At age 13, I published my very first song on the Internet.

It got positive feed back

At 15, I released my first mastered album, which skyrocketed to approx. 15k downloads in three months, with zero promotion and no money to distribute it.

I was stoked.

I thought it would be so hard to complete my very own instrumental/songs until I got behind the computer, took up my pen, and created something others have doubted.

Not bad for someone whose world fell apart when I was six.

My mother has been a single parent ever since my father left that year. It was always her goal to maintain a strong household. She always had to work, but always managed to come to school activities.

Then, my grandmother died. She remains my favorite person till this day, the Backbone…

…Of to my life for her perseverance and her dedication.

I spent much of my young life torturing myself with wondering what would I have been like if everything had been different.

Then, at some point of time, when I was about 15, the pain I’d experienced actually made sense.

My father’s absence became a positive; It is the reason why I make music. It became a therapy to me to express my energy/feelings, whether good or bad.

It has occurred to me that…

Sometimes I’m quiet because…

I have dazes where I in-vision…

my past events and wonder…

if there is anything I’ve done wrong to fix an outcome that I didn’t want.

A pupil opened wider…

so I saw in a more clear descriptive sweep.

Now I seek for a…

More exciting way of…

seeing myself doing good…

in my own lane…

on my feet

I just finished wrapping up a EP I’ve been working on for about a year and a half, of producing, finding the right sounds, and writing the write concepts to connect with the title “Bad Dreams,” which connects to me as the person I became now.

And whom I want to become later.

By “Bad Dreams” I don’t insistently mean “bad dreams” as in sleeping, and waking up; I’m actually connecting situations where I fell, knees into dirt, or saw others’ views and wrote from their perspective.

The album has to do with a lot of pain, relief, some happiness and love, family and a whole bunch of mixed emotions. After mixing the album, and giving it a listen back to back, a huge weight dropped from my shoulders; I felt as if I explained enough of myself…

to actually say I freed my mind and expressed…

“now I feel happy, that I said what was on my mind.”



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